Principal Investigator - Dr. Eakta Jain

Eakta Jain

Eakta Jain is an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. She received her PhD and MS degrees in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and her B.Tech. degree from IIT Kanpur. She has industry experience at Texas Instruments R&D labs, Disney Research Pittsburgh, and the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Dr. Jain is interested in user modeling, with particular interest and expertise in visual attention and perception. Her areas of work include graphics and virtual reality, generation of avatars, human factors in the future of work and transportation. Dr. Jain served as the Technical Program Chair for ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (2020) and ACM/Eurographics Symposium on Applied Perception (2021). She currently leads the human factors sub-group at the University of Florida Transportation Institute. Her research group at the University of Florida has been funded through faculty research awards from Facebook/Oculus and Google/YouTube, federal funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and state funding from the Florida Department of Transportation.

Current Students

Ph.D. / M.S.

Brendan David-John
Ph.D Student

Research interests: Eye Tracking, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, and Applied Perception

Professional Activities: ACM ETRA 2021 Short Paper Associate Chair, ACM ETRA 2021 Long Paper Reviewer, IEEE AIVR 2021 & 2020 Program Committee Member, ACM SAP 2019 Reviewer

Courses:CAP 5536 Advanced Data Structures, CAP 5556 Programming Language Principles, CAP 5108 Research Methods for Human Centered Computing, CAP 6701 Advanced Computer Graphics, CAP 6601 Machine Learning, CDA5155 Computer Architecture Principles

Ethan Wilson
Ph.D Student

Research interests: Animation, Image Generation, Face Swapping

Heng Yao
Ph.D Student (Collaborator)


Spring 2021 Lab Team

Collaborative group meeting between JainLab and Sophie Jörg's students within the Visual Computing Lab at Clemson University.

Spring 2020 Lab Team

Left to right: Eakta Jain, Jessica Buchanan, Greg DeCanio, Katrina Barredo, Alexander Skladanek, Yuzhu Dong, Mikayla Crawford, Srividya Surampudi, Thomas Domas, Brendan John, Niraj Chowdhary

Summer 2019 Lab Team

Left to right: Thomas Domas, Himanshi Verma, Brendan John, Dr. Eakta Jain

Spring 2019 Lab Team

Jain lab team members standing in front of the CISE building, 2019.
Left to right: Xiaohe Yue, Yuzhu Dong, Erin Fierce, Brendan John, Kevin Tandi, Cody LaFlamme, Thomas Domas, Garrick Sewsankar

Spring 2017 Lab Team

Jain lab team members standing in front of the CISE building, 2017.
Left to right: Chaitra Yangandul, Madhusudan Govindraju, Pallavi Raiturka, Yuzhu Dong, Archana Nagarajan, Sachin Paryani, Kartik Chaturvedi, Matthew Pearson, Dr. Eakta Jain
Summer 2016 Lab Team

Jain lab team members standing in front of the CISE building, 2016.
Left to right: Dr. Eakta Jain, Khimya Khetarpal, Pallavi Raiturkar, Yuzhu Dong, and Kartik Chaturvedi
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  Past Students

  Yuzhu Dong, now Research Engineer at Google DeepMind
  Tingshan Pan
  Srividya Surampudi, now Software Engineer at Apple
  Niraj Chowdhary
  Manishkumar Chopra
  Pallavi Raiturkar (Walmart Labs)
  Khimya Khetarpal (Intel), now PhD student at McGill University
  Lavanya Chennupatti (Spotify)
  Archana Nagarajan
  Sachin Paryani (Microsoft)
  Chaitra Yangandul (EAB)
  Madhusudan Govindraju
  Xuanting Liu
  Karina LaRubbio
  Aidan Persaud
  Nicholas Esposito
  Max LoGalbo
  Adam Opyrchal
  Song Li
  David Li
  Katrina Barredo
  Jessica Buchanan
  Mikayla Crawford
  Greg DeCanio
  Thomas Domas
  Kevin Tandi
  Noah Kurrack
  Brittani Lounds
  Hannah Fechtel
  Nadia Crocker
  Jamie Tompkins
  Garrick Sewsankar
  Cody Laflamme
  Erin Fierce
  Xiaohe Yue
  Isaiah Bonds
  Andrew Lee
  Melissa Franklin
  Caleb Bryant
  Isaac Manjarres (Visiting Student, CMU)
  Julian Tolentino (UF)
  Isabella Cuba DREU, Vasser College
  Matthew Pearson
  Chesalon Taylor Jr.
  Kartik Chaturvedi (Citi)
  Skyler Burgoyne
  John Henning
  Tana Konda
  Aditi Singh

Committee Service

Sarah Brown (HCC Ph.D., Chair: Asst. Prof. Sharon Chu)

Mohan Zalake (CS Ph.D., Chair: Prof. Ben Lok)

Shashank Ranjan (CS Ph.D., chaired by Asst. Prof. Corey Toler-Franklin)

Kai Zhang (CS Ph.D., chaired by Asst. Prof. Alireza Entezari)

Aishat Aloba (HCC Ph.D., chaired by Asst. Prof. Lisa Anthony)

Garrett Griffin (Music Education Ph.D., Chair: Prof. ​William Bauer)

Shaghayegh Esmaeili

Previous Committees:

  • Ph.D. Thesis Committee
    • Alex Shaw (CS Ph.D., chaired by Asst. Prof. Lisa Anthony)
    • Pedro Adorno (Transportation Engineering Ph.D., Chair: Assoc. Prof. Siva Sivaraman)
    • Michael Borish (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Benjamin Lok) 2016
    • Jae Woong Lee (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Sumi Helal) 2015
    • Andrew Robb (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Benjamin Lok) 2015
    • Abhishek Chhetri, University of Texas at Dallas 2014
  • Masters Thesis Committee
  • Qualifiers Committee
    • Laura Trutoiu, Carnegie Mellon University